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The hot chillies are a long green pepper used for pickling.  When pickling with water, salt and white wine vinegar, the chilli’s colour becomes softer, tending towards yellow. Precisely, the spice of the chillis is beneficial for the stomach. The chemical component that composes them (capsaicin) causes an increase in the overall temperature of the body. Consequently, the body needs an extra supply of energy and it will go to the glycogen reserves to feed itself, causing you to lose weight. Other benefits of the hot chillies regular intake include:

  • Anti-inflammatory power.
  • Perfect ally to fight ulcers.
  • Great source of vitamins and minerals, such as A, E, C and iron.
  • Aphrosidiac product as it favours the production of endorphins.

Mode of consumption: Hot chillies are versatile product when it comes to its mode of consumption. Whether they’re used to prepare some eels or shrimps with garlic or a Mediterranean salad, its presence will always be acclaimed by the diners who make up the table.

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