El Cortijo

About us

We are a small family-run gourmet company founded in 2010. We offer a wide variety of pickles, between 40 and 50 products, of which 10-15 are exclusive. Our aim is to expand our market throughout Spain due to the great demand we receive from our customers when they visit our establishments. If we had to define ourselves in a few words they would be: innovation and avant-garde since we have modernised and expanded in our short experience a wide range of gourmet products.

About our elaborations

Doing things right from the start

At Aceitunas El Cortijo, we know that harvesting and processing olives is a process that requires the dedication and passion that we have put into our online shop. That's why we make sure we work with the best olive growers in Spain to offer our customers the highest quality products.

Good treatment in every part of the process

From the moment the olives are harvested by hand until they are processed in the mill, we take care of every detail to ensure that our olives retain all their flavour and aroma. Our production process includes the careful selection of the best olives, the extraction of the oil through mechanical processes and the appropriate conservation so that the oil retains its flavour and quality.

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Work and perseverance

At Aceitunas El Cortijo, we strive to bring the best of Mediterranean culture to our customers. Our olives are the result of years of tradition and experience in the field of agriculture and olive oil production. We are proud to offer high quality products to our customers, so that they can enjoy the authentic taste of Spain in their homes.

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