Murciana Olives

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Murciana olives are pitted gordal olives that are seasoned with chopped onion and our sauce flavoured with a variety of spices. Undoubtedly, an exceptional product of the highest quality that rubs shoulders with the best dressings and products in our range.


Murciana olives is a product that fills us with nostalgia and for this we would have to go back to the origins of the company. It all started with the financial crisis of 2008 when we had to reinvent our business and start selling olives and pickles. We saw in a multitude of companies and entities in the same sector that many of them had the same products and that none of them were relaunching new ideas. Therefore, we decided to create the Murcian olive dressing, which had a huge impact on the markets we attended because no one had ever tried this type of product. The legacy of our company began to grow at this very moment.

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