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Without a doubt, the Basque Piparra is one of our supreme quality Gourmet products. Farmed in the Ibarra region, the Basque Piparra is known worldwide for its exquisite flavour and tenderness. Unlike the chillies, the body of the Piparra is smaller and more solid, and its taste is slightly spicier.

As the dietitian-nutritionist María José Ibañez said, “The Basque Piparra is a very delicate and pleasant to the palate product, with a soft flavour, tender meat, very thin skin and hardly any spice”.

About the Basque Piparra’s nutritional values, we highlight the following:

  • It stimulates blood and respiratory flow.
  • It stimulates the metabolism.
  • The Basque Piparra protects the stomach, increasing mucosity production.
  • It contains more vitamin C than oranges.
  • It favours the decongestion during the flu.

The most important benefit is it releases endorphins, that is, the hormone of happiness.

The Basque Piparra could be used in the same way as the Hot Chilli. However, being a product of excellent quality, in Aceitunas El Cortijo we recommend it be consumed by itself with its only accompaniment being a Vermouth or a good wine.

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